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SteelHard Men Strengthening Foot Soak

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Power up yourself by simply soaking your feet with this natural foot soak!
Proven to strengthen your reproductive performance! A must-have for all men out there.

Increases Sexual Performance
Acts as a natural aphrodisiac and increase your sexual performance and vitality

Cure Common Illnesses
This natural foot soak can protect you from common illnesses like cold, headache, insomnia, etc.

Superior Herbal Ingredients
Made from Cynomorium Stem, Wormwood, and Ginger that increases your overall health

Easy to Use
This product is independently packaged making it easier to use. Simply follow instructions for optimum effect

No Harmful Side Effects
Feature ingredients that are proven not to cause any side effects unlike chemical drugs

Moisturizes Skin
Proven to solve various skin issues in your feet while providing healthier well-being.

Ingredients: Horny Goat Weed, Herba Cynomoril, Hizoma Cibotii, Kudzu Root, Lycium, Eucommia, Mulberry Leaves, Cinnamon
Weight: 10g
Content: 10 bags/pack
Product Includes: 1pack x SteelHard Men Strengthening Foot Soak

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