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Grill Stone Cleaning Block

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Remove the toughest baked-on messes from any BBQ grill with Grill Stone Cleaning Block!


  • Non- toxic and efficient. This is a pumice-like cleaning block made from recycled materials. It provides chemical-free, non-toxic cleaning for tough baked-on messes on BBQ grills and is safe for all grill grates.

  • Keep your grill scratch free. Unlike cleaning your grill with a wire brush, this brick made of pumice stone will not scratch the surface of your grill. Only light pressure is needed when cleaning your grill.

  • Easily removes grease & residue. Only light pressure is needed to easily remove grease, residue and caked-on carbon without damaging anti-stick surface. Let the brick do the work!
  • Safe to use on hot grill tops. Use a cloth or grill brick holder while applying light pressure. No hard rigorous scrubbing is necessary.
  • Sanitary & reusable. Reusable stone-like abrasive slowly wears down. It does not absorb grease or odor and exposes a fresh sanitary surface for each use.
  • Your new best friend. This grill brick removes the black residue that a grill scraper will not get off. Unlike a scraper, it is much more difficult to scratch your grill with a grill brick. Truly a kitchen grill’s best friend!


  • Glass Powder
  • Quantity: 2Pcs
  • Features: No Toxic, No Smell, Lightweight
  • Length: 10cm/3.94" (Approx.)
  • Height: 4cm/1.57" (Approx.)
  • Width: 7cm/2.76" (Approx.)


  • 1 x Grill Stone Cleaning Block

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